Monday, August 2, 2010

So how 'bout that weight gain!

Yep! I said it. Weight gain!

It's happening....Ooohhh is it ever happening! Seriously, it's like jello jigglers meets play-doh happening.

And ya know, it shouldn't matter, but it so really does!

The last thing I want to be worried about right now is my weight! But as a woman, I can't get it off my least when it's increasing. You see, I have never had trouble losing weight when I wanted to, that is, until I started on these dang antidepressants. Now, trying to lose a pound is like getting a two year old to do algebra...not gonna happen!
The whole thing creates this catch 22 in my mind; on one hand, I see the little yellow pill as my saving grace, a means to an end of this hell I have been living in for 3 years. But on the other hand, I look at the pill and hate it for making my stinkin' scale actually tell me the truth, revealing my increasing climb on the mountain of flab! Ugh!

It's not been extreme, I haven't gained tons, it's not even noticeable to most people, but it bugs me. Is that crazy? I know I shouldn't care, but it feels like just one more sacrifice in this (seemingly) never ending battle for health.

It is temporary.
This battle is temporary.
The weight gain is temporary.
The symptoms are temporary.
It is temporary.

That, my friends, is my mantra as of late!


  1. Girl, you are not alone on that one ... I'm feelin' it!

  2. I had a revelation just this past weekend about my weight: Does my husband ever complain about my muffin top? Does he ever look at my naked body and point out the flaws that are oh-so-obvious to me?


    And then I ate a cookie.

    You are beautiful, dearie! Lots of love from your best gym buddie! :)