Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Could Postpartum depression be hormone related???

I wish there was a magic pill that worked for all women out there who are dealing with postpartum depression. Yeah, yeah, I know, there are antidepressants, but even those don't work for everyone. Like me for example. I am on my 3rd type of med and I am still experiencing symptoms.


(I hate that word."Ugh." At least in this context. It doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about the situation, but the words I would use in its place to describe my angst aren't very Christian of me, so "ugh" will have to do.)

All the doctors I have been to tell me that my hormones have nothing to do with the problem. I am not convinced. I mean, hello, don't hormones play a rather significant role in my getting pregnant? Don't they play a rather teensy, tiny role in giving birth, and bonding, and breast feeding, and yada, yada, yada? You can't tell me that there is no correlation.

Just for my own curiosity I asked my doctor to test my hormone levels. He was VERY reluctant, but I am convincing and he finally relented. He made sure to tell me he had NO idea what to do with the results because hormone levels fluctuate so much naturally throughout the month. I didn't tell him that I had been doing my own research, doctors cringe when you tell them that.

Anyways, I took the test two days after I started my period. My progesterone level came out normal, but I was taken aback when I read that my estrogen level was a 15. FIFTEEN people. While on my period. It is suppose to be between 50-400. But alas, my doctor got mad at me when I addressed concern because "it may be that my body normally has a lower rate of estrogen."


So I went to a different doctor, and they told me the same thing. I am confused. My symptoms are definitely worse at certain times of the month.

Does anyone have the same issue, or am I the odd ball?


  1. As my hormones fluctuate around "that time of the month", I notice a huge change in mood. Especially before af arrives....I'm sometimes a wreck.

    Many mental health providers, mine included, are totally hip to the idea of increasing doses right before af, and then going back to regular dose. I don't personally do that, just because my meds are so stinkin' pricey, but it's nice to know that the hormonal factor is acknowledged!

  2. ok, i just went to a nurse practitioner in nashville who specializes in natural hormone therapy.. she was amazing and told me ppd/a has everything to do with hormones. she told me doctors do not like or want to test for hormones because there is no money in it.. I gave blood and went back to her and she started me on a natural progesterone pill which helps with sleep depression and anxiety..also helps with not being able to lose weight because progesterone turns fat into energy.. people who stress so much and have much anxiety wear out their andrenal glands which regulates anxiety levels....also my thyroid was low so that is another reason for my moods and so much more.. please go to read all that is there.. maybe she can help you find someone in your area that will be able to help you... it has made a difference in my life..

  3. That is incredible. I wish my doctors were more into the natural route of medicine. Definitely going to check out your nurse practitioners website, keep your fingers crossed for me that she knows of someone in my area that can help me as well :)

  4. Hi Leigh,
    It totally has to do with hormones. When it all began over a year ago (May), I got on the zoloft for the Post Partum OCD. That helped to at least not be a walking 24hr, and I mean, 24hrs panic/anxiety/intrusive thought mess. My Pastor found a natural hormone therapy medicinal center and suggested it to me. I did some investigation and went ahead with it!! And, holy cow, it really has made a difference. Yes, I still deal with like a remnant but since I've been taking the natural hormones (feb 2010)there has been alot of progress. Mine too is cyclical, like the week before my period there is a tendency for my brain to go the OCD route with the intrusive thoughts and I also was told there is a component of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome but regardless of all that it's like I feel more like myself. This year too has rocked my faith but the beauty of it is that God truly has lead me thru all this! I'm in Florida but on Dr. Pati's website is info about the natural hormones. Dr.'s don't like anything natural. My regime: zoloft, natural progesterone, t3, purified Omega fatty acids, whole vitamins, Vitamin D3, synthroid, and shots of Vitamin b12. Sounds like alot but would rather go with a mix of natural things that a medicinal cocktail. I so feel so much better! Blessings, hang in there you are not alone!!

  5. oops .. forgot to add the website for the natural hormone thing ..