Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nice to meet you!

Hello and welcome! If you're new to this blog, good - so am I (ha). My name's Leigh (sort of), I come from the north land; Minnesota - yeah snow, and I have postpartum depression.

"Whaaat?!" you say? "You?!? You haven't had a baby in THREE years!" I KNOW! THREE horrible, incredible, hazy, crazy, wouldn't trade for the world, but wouldn't wish on my worst enemy years!

Now if you are like most people, you will make one or both of the following statements; 1) I had NO idea it could last that long! And/or 2) I never would have guessed YOU have postpartum depression. To both statement, yes it can, and yes I do!

So there you have it, my public declaration admitting to ppd and thus you understand (hopefully) my need to begin this blog. It's me spreading my arms, reaching out my hands and grabbing on to the support network of beautiful women who have, are and will go through this horrible illness. This blog is to announce, no, scream from the lips of a postpartum sufferer that "WE STILL HAVE A REASON TO SING," we WILL make it, we WILL get through this and we WILL be BETTER for having gone through this!

I will fight the good fight and I WILL finish this race with postpartum depression.

Please come back later and read about how my journey with postpartum began and why it has been THREE (yes, you read right) years since it all began and I am still dealing with this...


  1. Way to go!Keep moving forward.
    Love, Owl

  2. You can do this Leigh!!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. You will help out so many Mom's out there!!
    You will beat this bugger!!! You have an army behind you!!
    I gave you an award as well!! Come check it out on my blog!
    Big Hugs,

  3. I hope you blog more! I found your blog from Kimberly's blog/award.

    I'm a warrior mom, too. It sucks to deal with PPD, but it's less sucky to know you aren't alone.

    Please blog more!

  4. Ah...the glorious feeling of wanting to dig a hole in your bed and hide for a month. PPD SUCKS! Good on ya!

  5. I found you from Kimberly's blog and am a fellow Minnesotan with some serious PPD and PPA (yay! for lutefisk, jello and snow). Thanks for being brave enough to share your story - I'm still fighting my way through the trenches and am slowly but surely hoping to become a Warrior Mom! From what you wrote thus far, you are an amazingly strong woman to have even made it through deployment. Joan, Saint Paul, MN