Saturday, September 11, 2010

This week = yuck!

I seem to have one bad week out of the month...

This is that week...

Anxiety, a few scary thoughts and melancholy are at their peek.

I am SO close, yet the battle is still there. Oh just go away ppocd, leave me alone. My daughter is three. You hear me? I haven't had a baby in THREE years. You have LONG outstayed your welcome.

I want a break....a coffee break. Oooh, but noooo, I can't have coffee. The caffeine gives me even MORE anxiety, which in my current state is a definite no go. I also want a glass of wine, but yep, you've got it, that's also not in the cards.... But hey, on the bright side, I AM GETTING BETTER... :) This months bad week is just a little bit better than last months, so....YAY. :) Inch by inch friends.

PS. Sorry I have been missing in action. Life has been CRAZY!


  1. Next time you need coffee you call me and we will go to Caribou. You can order a hot apple blast and I will order a northern lite latte, and I'll let you have a drink of mine so you can have a taste without all the caffeine. And next time you need some wine you can come over and I get get a little tipsy off Jack and you can laugh at how ridiculous I am and feel happy in the morning when you don't have fuzzy teeth and aren't drinking water like a camel. :) LOVE! -AB

  2. Uh, that should have said "and when i get a little tipsy"

    It's almost like I'm tipsy right now...